Prosecco Rosé Brut Nature Millesimato, Clâr de Lune 2020




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The perfect wine for a special moment
Soft raspberry, bright and elegant with a fine and persistent perlage. The Prosecco bouquet merges with the delicate hints of wild strawberries and raspberries typical of Pinot Nero. Very agreeable taste, sapid, with a fresh note of violet and wild berries.

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Piera’s story begins in 1899 at the Padua estate. Founded by her grandfather Giovanni, developed by her father Mario, Piera 1899 owes its reputation both in Italy and abroad to Piera Martellozzo who has given her name. In San Quirino, Pordenone province, in the north east of Italy, Piera 1899 chose Friuli Grave as its homeland of choice. Here the mountains to the north shelter the soil from the coldest winds. The recognized quality of Piera 1899 wines is the results of everyday hard work based on respect for the land and its traditions nurtured by an innate propensity for innovation.