Albariño, Leira 2021



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The grapes selected for Leira Pondal come from plots found in the vineyards of El Rañado, Torre and El Alto. These are higher altitude vineyards with less humidity, more ventilation and a greater temperature variation between day and night. As a result, we obtain grapes with slower maturation and wines with greater aromatic intensity and acidity, which are lighter and fresh on the palate.
Aromatic nose with orange blossom and herbs before a balanced palate incorporating the salty freshness found from this region.

Why we love this:

This is text book Albarino, full of character and drinkability. The salty freshness makes it very moreish.

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Pazo Pondal is a family winery founded in 1998. They are located in Arbo (Pontevedra), one of the best sub regions of the D.O. Rias Baixas. The estate, located on the north bank of the Río Miño, includes 13 hectares of trellised vineyards where we cultivate our Albariño, the Galician grape par excellence, with great care and dedication.
Pazo Pondal wishes to play their part in preserving the environment. They are proactively committed to its protection and sustainability. The mission with these soils is to minimise erosion due to area’s high rainfall and to achieve mineral balance in the soils to avoid dependency on chemicals & biocides.