The En Primeur 2023 vintage reflects resilience, with record yields despite challenges. Amidst the warmth and wetness of the year, winemakers’ careful interventions have resulted in wines boasting remarkable freshness and concentration. Quality permeates through various price points, and as wines debut in a challenging market, the release prices offer intriguing opportunities for consumers.


En Primeur 2023

We are thrilled to announce the release of our highly anticipated Bordeaux En Primeur 2023 collection! This exclusive offering provides you with the opportunity to secure some of the finest wines from the exceptional 2023 vintage before they are officially bottled and released to the public.

En Primeur, or “wine futures,” allows you to invest in these remarkable wines at special pre-release prices, ensuring that you have access to limited-production bottles from renowned vineyards before they become available on the market.

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Why Buy En Primeur?

  1. Exclusive Access:
    • Gain early access to coveted wines from top producers.
  2. Exceptional Value:
    • Take advantage of special pre-release pricing.
  3. Investment Potential:
    • Secure wines with the potential to appreciate in value over time.
  4. First To Taste:
    • Be among the first to experience the exceptional quality of the 2023 vintage.

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Graeme Broom – Wine Director

“The 2023 vintage is regarded as 4 star – this is not faint praise! It is refreshing not to have ‘vintage of the century’ talk for a change. Despite a couple of significant heat spikes, the harvest is fresher with moderate alcohol levels. The wines are charming and generally expected to be enjoyable earlier.

More importantly, prices are significantly lower with this release: frequently by 30-35%. Several wines are cheaper than back vintages on the market.

This all makes a compelling case to buy for anyone interested in En Primeur, or claret generally.

There are a number of wines performing well:

  • Gloria has it lowest price in ten years and is an excellent effort this vintage.
  • Fieuzal is the leader at this price in Pessac and again their lowest price in a long time.
  • Talbot and Langoa Barton look very attractive this year at very drinkable price points
  • Finally, we have small allocations of some of the top wines such as Carruades de Lafite, Leoville Barton and Pontet Canet.



Carruades De Lafite

JA: 98 | WA: 97-99 | JS: 97-98

Case Price: £872

Ch Angelus

JS: 97-98 | WA: 95-96

Case Price: £1559

Ch Croix-Mouton

JA: 87 | WA: 89-91

Case Price: £42

Ch Haut Batailley

JA: 94 | WA: 91-93 | JS: 94-95

Case Price: £216

Ch La Lagune

JA: 93 | WA: 90-92 | JS: 94-95

Case Price: £157

Ch Lafon Rochet

JA: 93 | WA: 91-93 | JS: 93-94

Case Price: £165


Ch Leoville Las Cases

JA: 98 | WA: 94-96 | JS: 97-98

Case Price: £830

Ch Lynch-Moussas

JA: 93 | JS: 94-95

Case Price: £146

Ch Malartic Lagraviere

JA: 95 | WA: 91-93 | JS: 95-96

Case Price: £159

Ch Ponet-Canet

JA: 98-100 | WA: 96-98 | JS: 97-98

Case Price: £395

Ch Senejac

WA: 89-91 | JS: 89-90

Case Price: £132

Connetable Talbot

JA: 90 | WA: 89-91

Case Price: £106


Ch Ducru-Beaucaillou

JA: 96 | JS: 96-97

Case Price: £725

Ch Gloria

JA: 93 | WA: 90-92 | JS: 93-94

Case Price: £138

Ch Langoa Barton

JA: 94 | WA: 93-95 | JS: 94-95

Case Price: £177

Ch Leoville Barton

WA: 94-96 | JS: 96-97

Case Price: £336

La Croix Ducru-Beaucaillou

JA: 93 | JS: 94-95

Case Price: £180

Le Petit Lion de Marquis

JA: 90 | JS: 93-94

Case Price: £216


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En Primeur FAQS

What is En Primeur?

Buying En Primeur means you are buying wine while it’s still in the barrel, before it’s bottled, and before the official release of the vintage. This gives you the unique opportunity to buy the best of the 2022 vintage, while benefitting from pre-release prices.

How Does En Primeur Work?

You buy En Primeur wine some time before vintage is officially released, while it is still with the producer. Once the wine is ready, it will be bottled and shipped by the producer. It will be stored in Bond when it arrives in the UK, which means that no UK Duty or VAT has been paid on it.

How Does En Primeur Pricing Work?

The En Primeur price is usually the best price to buy the wine. Once it is bottled and the vintage is officially released, the retail value generally increases. The price you pay when you buy En Primeur does not include Duty and VAT, you don’t need to pay this until the wines are taken out of Bond. This means that in the time between purchasing the wine and when you receive it, the value of the wine can increase but the Duty and VAT you pay on it will not.

How Do I Order En Primeur?

Our Wine Director, Graeme Broome, has carefully curated a list of what he considers to be wines of note from the 2023 vintage. Browse our selection above and place your order through the form or by emailing

What Do The Scores Mean?

To the right of each listing, you will be able to see how the wine has been rated by various wine critics. JA denotes Jane Anson, WA denotes Wine Advocate, (Robert Parker), and JS denotes James Suckling.

How Do I Sign Up To The En Primeur Mailing List?

To sign up to our En Primeur Mailing List, subscribe to our Mailing List and Select ‘En Primeur‘ as one of your preferences.

If you are already a subscriber to our Mailing List, but want to add En Primeur, simply Update Your Preferences.

Any Other Questions?

Please feel free to reach out to the Cockburns of Leith team with any other questions about En Primeur 2023. Tel: 0131 603 3333, Email: