Hills & Harbour Distilled Gin Cocktail




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Burnt Orange & Smoked Pineapple join our Hills & Harbour Gin to create the world’s first and only 40% abv distilled gin cocktail. Made using 100% fresh fruit, we put days of graft and craft into every batch.

To capture the fresh flavours we hand-smoke, torch, macerate, press and then distill to create a full strength cocktail. We love it over ice, shaken up and strained martini style or for a long serve why not get creative with flavoured soda waters.

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Our modern distillery was designed to deliver a modern grain to glass set up which would allow us to create any spirit we turn our hand to, and create an inspiring and unique home to celebrate our products and the region that drives their character.

To be ‘Crafty’ is to live for new ideas that elevate us beyond the trends and norms of our industry, so we can create world-class spirits & experiences for everyone to enjoy.