Janneau, VSOP -6/70cl NV


40% | 700ml

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This VSOP is Maison Janneau’s flagship blend. It has been matured in French Limousin oak for a minimum of 7 years, with some of the oldest components of the blend being aged for as long as 20 years (the legal Armagnac AOC minimum is 4 years). Janneau is “the world’s most awarded Armagnac” winning more medals than any other Armagnac producer at international competitions. This unparalleled level of quality is thanks to a cellar master with over 35 year’s experience at Janneau. Also the fact they one of the few Armagnac producers to own their own stills and their access to one of the world’s largest stocks of old Armagnac – their 1853 ‘Paradis’ cellar has 10% of all Armagnac over the age of 10 years old.

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Janneau have been producing France’s oldest spirit since Pierre Etienne Janneau founded the maison in 1851. Today Janneau is not just one of the oldest of the great houses but also the world’s leading brand of Armagnac – available in 80 countries worldwide. Key to the quality of Janneau’s Armagnacs are its distillery and cellars in Condom, an ancient city located in the heart of the Armagnac region. Uniquely, Janneau are the only major house that distils, blends and ages its own stocks under its own roof giving them complete control over the quality and personality of their Armagnac.