Le Tense Sassella, Valtellina Superiore DOCG 2020


13.5% | 750ml

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Le Tense is obtained from grapes coming exclusively from the Sassella subzone. During the Swiss domination (1512 – 1797), the best vineyards were “tense”, that is”protected”, by armed guardians: they thus became the most celebrated vineyards. This selection of vines produces a wine that expresses the character of the land: ancient stones and rocks that represent the terroir of Sassella. Nebbiolo tends to produce grapes with elegant aromas and delicate, harmonious flavours typical of mountain wines.

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The Nino Negri Winery, founded in 1897, is the biggest winery in the Valtellina. The vineyard is the heart of the company with more than 35 hectares of vine-planted land of the winery situated in the most important vineyard designations of the valley. The selection of the grapes and their fermentation in separate vats make it possible to obtain vines that represent the great variety of the soils and the microclimates that are typical of a terraced mountain terroir.