Canfo Tempranillo 2022



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Unoaked, young, fresh and fruity. Soft ruby colour, clean aromas of red fruits, like strawberries and blackberries. Well-balanced acidity, soft and supple tannins and a persistent finish.

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The beginnings of Campos Reales go back to 1950, when dozens of small farmers founded our winery in El Provencio, Cuenca, a small town in the D.O. La Mancha. The winery is located in the center of 3,500 hectares of our vineyards, with a great variety of grapes, but the specialty is still Tempranillo. It is a variety perfectly adapted to the unique microclimate of the area and ageing in oak. During the near 70 years of our history they have been able to adapt the great winemaking traditions of La Mancha to the new winemaking techniques and new technology, achieving higher quality in their wines