Nuhar Pinot Nero/Nero d’Avola Sicilia DOC 2020/2021


13% | 750ml

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On the slopes of the mountain overlooking the estate lie the vineyards we select the grapes for the production of NUHAR, “flower” in Arabic.
We use two great black varieties: Pinot Nero, the king of Burgundy, which responds to the warmth of Sicily with colour, sweetness and depth improbable elsewhere; and Nero d’Avola, which in these conditions acquires impressive tannins and body.

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A document dating back to 1340 recounts of a dispute before the royal court over the ownership of a particularly sought-after feu, “Casalj Rabitallavi”. This was the historical name of Tenuta Rapitalà, 175 hectares in the district of Camporeale, with elevations ranging from 300 to 600 metres above sea level.
Rapitalà is a real name, it derives from the Arabic (Rabat Allah “garden of Allah”), testifying that this countryside has been cultivated since ancient times. Over the centuries, generations of farmers have mapped out its current shape and the identity of the estate. On this ancient land, a succession of vineyards dominates the landscape, creating a pattern of rows that the sun and Mediterranean hues transform into golden hills.