Opawa Pinot Gris 2021




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This wine is pale lemon in colour with fragrant aromas of honeysuckle,
peach, apricots and spices. The palate displays white peaches along with
subtle nutty characters, hints of citrus and has a creamy texture with a
crisp and refreshing finish. Opawa Pinot Gris is a versatile food wine and
matches well with a variety of dishes – especially lightly spiced
Asian influenced cuisine.

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The Opawa vineyard is located on the historic river bed of the old Opawa river. The Opawa river was fed from the Wairau river until the Wairau plains were developed for agriculture and flood protection measures were put in place, changing the course of the river and leaving part of the old river bed dry. The stony soils are ideally suited for grape vines but not much else! Water drains freely, which grapevines like, and heat is absorbed from the bright Marlborough sunshine during the day, to be radiated back onto the grapes at night.