Savagnin ‘Cri de Coeur’, Crittenden 2016




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Defying convention and looking to the great Vin Jaune wines of the Jura region in France
for inspiration this wine was whole bunched pressed to old French barriques before natural
fermentation and malolactic conversion. Following ferment the barrels were moved to a
well ventilated shed (away from the winery proper) where conditions were perfect for the
gradual growth of the flor yeast on the surface of the increasingly ullaged barrels. Amazingly this wine has not been topped for its entire 4 year ageing period, relying on the protective properties of the yeast voile to avoid excessive oxidation.
A very natural production without any filtration, fining, stabilization or the significant addition of SO2.
This wine displays many of the desired nutty characters that can be expected after prolonged ageing under flor.
A complex array of flavours, amongst them preserved lemon, grilled nuts & exotic spice. A palate of tremendous breadth and length with mouth filling chalky texture and persistent acid drive.

Why we love this:

As far as we are aware, the only flor aged white from Australia. A real curiosity and also deeply delicious.
Compare with our Chateau Chalon for a fascinating experience.

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