Valpolicella Ripasso Classico Superiore DOC ‘Solane’, Santi 2019


14% | 750ml

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A very terroir-true, forthright wine with great character. It has a complex nose with concentrated notes of fresh berry fruit and morello cherry jam, swathed in vanilla. On the palate it is warm, direct, and balanced, with an elegant spicy finish offering notes of toast. It has a strong personality, thanks to its exceptionally elegant, sophisticated nose and its long, lingering, full-flavoured palate.

Why we love this:

It is like a big hug in a bottle!

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On the far western side of the province of Verona lies the historical village of Illasi, where the Santi winery was founded in 1843 on the initiative of Carlo Santi. The roots put down by the Santi winery in the terroir come to fruition in the local character of its wines. The careful use of Corvina, the principal native vine of the Valpolicella and the Verona area, the utilisation of large barrel ageing, typical of the Italian winemaking tradition, and the selection of local essences for the barrels themselves, are elements of a winemaking philosophy.