Woven Experience N.13 Catalyst


An experience with its own energy.
There is action here. Liquid alive.
An arrangement of flavours imparting a sense of transformation.
A daring dance of emotion in motion. Fermentation and maturation.
A living highball, weirdly swirling with energy.

You’re moving too, from bystander to participant.

This is experience N.13 and you have become it.
Causation + Reaction = A Conversation.

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We are friends who believe that there’s more to blended whisky. A lot more. And while our home is a blending studio in Leith, our mission is global. We want to make this industry, this art, much more human. Much more experimental. Much less industrialised. Much more experiential. Much more, well, fun. But we know we can’t do it alone. Because we know this is bigger than any one of us.