About En Primeur 2023

The En Primeur 2023 vintage reflects resilience, with record yields despite challenges. Amidst the warmth and wetness of the year, winemakers’ careful interventions have resulted in wines boasting remarkable freshness and concentration. Quality permeates through various price points, and as wines debut in a challenging market, the release prices offer intriguing opportunities for consumers.

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Clos des Lunes – Lune d’ArgentBordeaux6£55
Clos FlorideneBordeaux12£155
Château Smith Haut Lafitte BlancPessac Léognan6£650


Château Doisy DaeneBarsac2ème Cru Classé12£370
Château FilhotSauternes2ème Cru Classé6£100
Château CoutetSauternes1er Cru Classé6£177
Château SuduirautSauternes1er Cru Classé6£260


Château Croix MoutonBordeaux Superieur6£42
Château PotensacMédoc6£90
Château CitranHaut-Médoc6£75
Château CissacHaut-MédocCru Bourgeois Supérieur12£98
Château La LaguneHaut-Médoc3ème Cru Classé6£157
Château SenejacHaut-Médoc12£132
Château CantemerleHaut-Médoc5ème Cru Classé6£104
Château Sociando-MalletHaut-Médoc12£262
Château De LamarqueHaut-Médoc6£68
Château BeaumontHaut-MédocCru Bourgeois Supérieur12£110
Château Lestage SimonHaut-MédocCru Bourgeois Supérieur6£49
Château Chasse SpleenMoulis12£235
Château PoujeauxMoulis6£103
Château FonreaudListracCru Bourgeois Supérieur6£69
Château Lilian LadouysSaint-EstèpheCru Bourgeois Exceptionnel6£72
Château Haut-MarbuzetSaint-Estèphe12£335
Château Lafon RochetSaint-Estèphe4ème Cru Classé6£165
Château Les Ormes De PezSaint-Estèphe6£103
Château MeyneySaint-Estèphe6£114
Château Cos d’EstournelSaint-Estèphe2ème Cru Classé6£700
Les Pagodes de CosSaint-Estèphe2nd Wine6£192
Château Phelan SegurSaint-Estèphe6£188
Château CapbernSaint-Estèphe6£101
Château MontroseSaint-Estèphe2ème Cru Classé6£716
La Dame de MontroseSaint-Estèphe2nd Wine6£147
Château TronquoySaint-Estèphe6£100
Château BellegravePauillac12£195
Carruades de LafitePauillac2nd Wine6£872
Château Pontet-CanetPauillac5ème Cru Classé6£395
Château Lynch MoussasPauillac5ème Cru Classé6£146
Château d’ArmailhacPauillac5ème Cru Classé6£200
Château Clerc MilonPauillac5ème Cru Classé6£321
Château PedesclauxPauillac5ème Cru Classé6£150
Château Haut BatailleyPauillac5ème Cru Classé6£216
Château Lynch-BagesPauillac5ème Cru Classé6£435
Echo de Lynch-BagesPauillac2nd Wine6£155
Château Grand Puy DucassePauillac5ème Cru Classé6£143
Château Haut-Bages LibéralPauillac5ème Cru Classé6£153
Château Grand-Puy-LacostePauillac5ème Cru Classé6£274
Lacoste BoriePauillac2nd Wine6£111
Reserve De Pichon ComtessePauillac2nd Wine6£202
Château Pichon Longueville Comtesse de LalandePauillac2ème Cru Classé6£660
Les Griffons De Pichon BaronPauillac2nd Wine6£173
Château Pichon BaronPauillac2ème Cru Classé6£617
Château du GlanaSaint-Julien12£184
Clos du MarquisSaint-Julien6£231
Le Petit Lion du Marquis de Las CasesSaint-Julien2nd Wine6£216
Château Leoville Las CasesSaint-Julien2ème Cru Classé6£830
Château TalbotSaint-Julien4ème Cru Classé6£220
Connétable TalbotSaint-Julien2nd Wine6£106
Château Langoa-BartonSaint-Julien3ème Cru Classé6£177
Château Léoville BartonSaint-Julien2ème Cru Classé6£336
Château GloriaSaint-Julien6£138
Château Ducru BeaucaillouSaint-Julien2ème Cru Classé6£725
La Croix Ducru BeaucaillouSaint-Julien2nd Wine6£180
Château Saint PierreSaint-Julien4ème Cru Classé6£194
Château Léoville PoyferréSaint-Julien2ème Cru Classé6£338
Les Fiefs de LagrangeSaint-Julien2nd Wine6£91
Château LagrangeSaint-Julien3ème Cru Classé6£188
Château Branaire-DucruSaint-Julien4ème Cru Classé6£193
Sarget de Gruaud LaroseSaint-Julien2nd Wine12£229
Château Gruaud LaroseSaint-Julien2ème Cru Classé6£359
Château D’ArsacMargauxCru Bourgeois Exceptionnel6£78
Château DauzacMargaux5ème Cru Classé6£195
Château LabegorceMargaux6£122
Château Malescot St ExuperyMargaux3ème Cru Classé6£195
Château d’IssanMargaux6£225
Blason d’IssanMargaux2nd Wine6£94
Château du TertreMargaux5ème Cru Classé6£161
Les Hauts du TertreMargaux2nd Wine6£96
Château SiranMargaux6£124
Château Durfort VivensMargaux2ème Cru Classé6£240
Château La GurgueMargaux6£91
Château Brane-CantenacMargaux2ème Cru Classé6£268
Baron de BraneMargaux2nd Wine6£103
Château Cantenac BrownMargaux3ème Cru Classé6£195
Château PalmerMargaux3ème Cru Classé6£1439
Alter Ego de PalmerMargaux2nd Wine6£355
Château GiscoursMargaux3ème Cru Classé6£246
Château Rauzan-SéglaMargaux2ème Cru Classé6£360
Château LascombesMargaux2ème Cru Classé6£298
Château Malartic LagravierePessac LéognanCru Classé de Graves6£159
Château de FieuzalPessac LéognanCru Classé de Graves6£120
Domaine de ChevalierPessac LéognanCru Classé3£139
L’Esprit de Chevalier Pessac Léognan2nd Wine6£96
Château Larrivet Haut-BrionPessac Léognan6£146
Château Les Carmes Haut-BrionPessac Léognan6£460
Château Smith Haut Lafitte RougePessac Léognan6£549
Le Petit Smith Haut Lafitte RougePessac Léognan6£122
Château Haut BaillyPessac LéognanCru Classé de Graves6£540
Haut Bailly IIPessac Léognan2nd Wine6£152
Château Cap de FaugeresCastillon Cotes de Bordeaux6£46
Château d’AiguilheCastillon Cotes de Bordeaux6£77.5
Château AngelusSaint-EmilionGCC6£1559
Château FombraugeSaint-EmilionGCC6£120
Château Grand Corbin-DespagneSaint-EmilionGCC12£256
Château Cadet BonSaint-EmilionGCC6£108
Château Canon la GaffeliereSaint-EmilionGCC6£303
Clos De L’OratoireSaint-EmilionGCC6£138
Château CantinSaint-EmilionGrand Cru6£80
Clos la GaffeliereSaint-Emilion2nd Wine6£90
Château la GaffeliereSaint-EmilionGrand Cru6£270
Château FonroqueSaint-EmilionGCC6£164
Château LaroqueSaint-EmilionGCC6£121
Château LarozeSaint-EmilionGCC6£109
Château PavieSaint-Emilion1er GCC A6£1392
Aromes de PavieSaint-Emilion2nd Wine6£340
Château Pavie MacquinSaint-Emilion1er GCC B6£288
Château CanonSaint-Emilion1er GCC B6£539
Château Beau-Séjour BécotSaint-EmilionGCC6£260
Château Troplong MondotSaint-Emilion1er GCC B6£539
Château GazinPomerol6£291
Château de SalesPomerol12£230
Château MazeyresPomerol12£291
Château La PointePomerol6£166
Château L’Eglise ClinetPomerol6£1258
Château ClinetPomerol6£347
Vieux Château CertanPomerol6£1100
Château Les CruzellesLalande de Pomerol6£98
La ChenadeLalande de Pomerol6£77


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En Primeur FAQS

What is En Primeur?

Buying En Primeur means you are buying wine while it’s still in the barrel, before it’s bottled, and before the official release of the vintage. This gives you the unique opportunity to buy the best of the 2022 vintage, while benefitting from pre-release prices.

How Does En Primeur Work?

You buy En Primeur wine some time before vintage is officially released, while it is still with the producer. Once the wine is ready, it will be bottled and shipped by the producer. It will be stored in Bond when it arrives in the UK, which means that no UK Duty or VAT has been paid on it.

How Does En Primeur Pricing Work?

The En Primeur price is usually the best price to buy the wine. Once it is bottled and the vintage is officially released, the retail value generally increases. The price you pay when you buy En Primeur does not include Duty and VAT, you don’t need to pay this until the wines are taken out of Bond. This means that in the time between purchasing the wine and when you receive it, the value of the wine can increase but the Duty and VAT you pay on it will not.

How Do I Order En Primeur?

Our Wine Director, Graeme Broome, has carefully curated a list of what he considers to be wines of note from the 2023 vintage. Browse our selection above and place your order through the form or by emailing

What Do The Scores Mean?

To the right of each listing, you will be able to see how the wine has been rated by various wine critics. JA denotes Jane Anson, WA denotes Wine Advocate, (Robert Parker), and JS denotes James Suckling.

How Do I Sign Up To The En Primeur Mailing List?

To sign up to our En Primeur Mailing List, subscribe to our Mailing List and Select ‘En Primeur‘ as one of your preferences.

If you are already a subscriber to our Mailing List, but want to add En Primeur, simply Update Your Preferences.

Any Other Questions?

Please feel free to reach out to the Cockburns of Leith team with any other questions about En Primeur 2023. Tel: 0131 603 3333, Email: