Rocca Maura Vignerons Brasseurs

Rocca Maura: Les Vignerons de Roquemaure has over a century of winemaking history.


The privileged geographical location of Roquemaure , on the right bank of the Rhône river, contributed greatly to its economic development. Since the middle ages, wines from Côte du Rhône were shipped all around France from Roquemaure’s port. Rocca Maura winery was founded in 1922, and they still use largely traditional methods today.


Since 1922, generations of winegrowers have been constantly working hand in hand to develop their cooperative cellar. Today, 60 winegrowers from villages around Roquemaure work together on 400 hectares of vines to produce top quality grapes, focusing on sustainability, quality, and passion.


Only ripe grapes produce quality wines. This is why each year before harvest, a technician proceeds to a precise plot selection of their whole vineyard. Each block is harvested at the optimal time, and only the oldest and highest quality grapes are selected to make their most prestigious blends.