Chateau Chalon, Domaine de Savagny 2016*


15% | 620ml

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This is the most distinct of wines, a vin jaune, produced in a method somewhat similar to fino sherry.
Barrels are partially filled with the best quality Savagnin wine, and the wine ages 'sous voile' similar to a flor. It ages for at least 6 years and 3 month, and can last for decades in bottle.
Nutty and fragrant, with firm acidity and great texture. A smoky, fresh bread note lingers on the finish.

Why we love this:

This is a must-try if you love dry sherry. Equally it is something unique in France. It is particularly well matched to the local poulet de Bresse.

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Domaine de Savagny has 45-hectare area of vines located within the Côtes du Jura and Chateau Chalon appellation. These vineyards are nestled between Château-Chalon, the historical heart of the Jura wine region, and Baume les Messieurs, one of the region’s most prized cultural sites. The parcels of vines, planted with Jura’s five grape varieties, namely Chardonnay, Savagnin, Poulsard, Trousseau and Pinot Noir, grow in the Lavigny commune from a clay and limestone-rich soil of a marly composition on low-lying slopes.
The wines and crémants produced by the Savagny domain are frequently awarded medals in the most prestigious of wine competitions.