Domaine La Tour Vielle, Collioure Puig Ambeille 2019



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Puig Ambeille is a wine rich in blackberry aromas and spices. In the mouth, it has a powerful structure which hides silky tannins. One can award to this wine the accolade of being perfect with red or rare-cooked meats such as Pyrenean veal or Catalan lamb.

This Collioure should be opened and permitted to breathe before drinking and if possible served at around 18’C.

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The estate was founded in 1982 in Collioure by Vincent Cantié to take care of the family patrimony and to protect the steep vineyard of the Cru Collioure & Banyuls from tourism economy expansion. A few years later, Christine Campadieu joined him, bringing her own family vineyard from Banyuls.