Dangerous Don Joven Mezcal Espadín




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From the awesomely-named Dangerous Don is a wonderful joven mezcal! It’s produced exclusively from Espadín agave, and is produced in the traditional artisanal fashion. The agave is roasted in a pit, fermented and distilled, creating a smoky, fresh spirit. You’ll want to try this one in a mezcal Old Fashioned, trust us!

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Started in 2015 Dangerous Don is a Mezcal brand based in London and Oaxaca founded by Thea Cumming.

Dangerous Don is lovingly made using artisanal methods hundreds of years old. We’re shining a light on independent producers and their magical processes to make undeniably adventurous mezcal. Embracing the complex and intricate differences from expression to expression we’re bottling new types of distillations never before available to anyone outside local Mexican communities.