Etrusco Nero Vermouth Rosso Tenuta Fertuna


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Etrusco Nero Vermouth Rosso is produced from blending of fine Fertuna red wine, flavoured with natural extracts of herbs and spices originating also in Maremma area. In accordance with the old recipe, the infusion of all ingredients have to lay for more than 45 days in high quality alcohol. More than 2 months slow maturation in steel vats enables the natural sedimentation of impurities. Filtering and clarification, carried out without fining agents or clays, preserve the organoleptic characteristics of the liquor, ensuring smooth elegance on the palate and a great olfactory impact. An outstanding mix of spices and herbs grants resin notes, balsamic tones, of embracing warmth.

Bitter notes: Roman absinthe
Warm and embracing notes: Rhubarb, Laurel berries, Mace, Vanilla.
Fresh notes: Anise, Cumin, Coriander, Ginger, Bergamot.
Resin, balsamic and flowered notes: Helichrysum, Juniper, Rose buds.

To drink fresh as aperitif, or coupled with blue cheese not too savoury. Ideal served later in the course with biscuits and other baker’s wares, or accompanied by spiced or dark chocolate. To be served slightly cool in large tulip chalices.

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