Tayport Distillery Scots Pine Gin 70cl


40% | 700ml


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Tayport Distillery Scots Pine Gin is a tribute to Scotland’s rugged landscapes. Infused with the essence of Scots pine needles and other carefully selected botanicals, it boasts a distinctive piney aroma and a harmonious, earthy flavor profile. Each sip encapsulates the wilderness and craftsmanship of Scotland‘s pristine forests.



Nose: Fragrant, Warming, Characterful

Palette: Juicy, Zestful, Evergreen, Juniper and Spicy

Finish: Zestful, Cardamon, Evergreen



Scots Pine Gin pairs with a range of mixers, most notably orange, ginger ale, and mediterranean tonic.


Also available in a 20cl bottle. View other products by Tayport Distillery here.

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Tayport Distillery is a family-owned distillery dedicated to making premium spirits using delicious fruit and grains grown by local farmers. Situated by the River Tay and on the edge of Tentsmuir forest, they are committed to creating a sustainable business and supporting their community.

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