Chateau Musar 2018


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The Chateau Musar 2018 vintage has a deep garnet colour in the glass with dried cherries and mature red fruits on the nose. The palate is
rich and concentrated with cranberries, raisins, and dates; there is good acidity with fine tannins. It has an enticing smoky,
dusty fruit with soft liquorice undertones and at 6 years of age upon release, it is already developed and mature.

2018 began with an impressive 355mm of rain and snow in January, while February was also abundant with 162mm of rain
to irrigate the soils. March followed with 41mm and April, with 27mm, was the icing on the cake; after the 15th of April, a
surprise increase in temperature encouraged the vines to open. May & June were exceptional as 52mm and 32mm of rain
fell during the blooming period, the vines loved the additional water and the harvest certainly looked promising. July was
true to form with no water and temperatures increased to an average of 35 degrees Celsius. Then in August we had a
3-day heatwave with temperatures of 39 and 40 degrees

Cinsault was harvested on the 4th of September and what a surprise… the grapes were dried with high sugar content. This is
the first time we have experienced this from our Cinsault vineyards and showed us that nothing can be taken for granted;
no grape can escape changing climatic conditions, each year is different and unique.

Each varietal was fermented with their natural yeasts in concrete vats, then aged for 12 months in French Nevers oak
barrels before blending in January 2021. Fermentation of the red grapes this year was challenging: Cabernet Sauvignon
was first due to the earlier harvest date and was easy to manage, while Cinsault and Carignan needed more attention with
their fermentations closely monitored to finish the last gram of grape sugar. Malolactic fermentations for these two grapes
were still pending 3 months after the beginning of the harvest as a reminder of the very delicate fermentation and
exceptional Cinsault behaviour.
This vintage was bottled, without fining or filtration, during the summer months of July and August 2021.

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Chateau Musar was established by Gaston Hochar in 1930 in an 18th century castle in Ghazir, Lebanon- a country with a rich wine heritage. It is still run as a small and passionate family business today, now in its third generation producing iconic natural wines.